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Review - Lost Sea

Created on Monday, 27 June 2016


Ah, the Bermuda Triangle, a ancient legend that has been played out for years while still nobody has been able to answer its questions. Seems fitting to call a game that takes place within this triangle Lost Sea, and that is precisely what Eastasiasoft has called their latest game





Whenever I heard “procedurally generated” my ears perk up and you immediately have my full attention. A world that changes whenever you play it seems like the perfect recipe for replay value and if you know anything about me you know replay value is one of my favourite things when it comes to games. Lost Sea is a procedurally generated exploration game where you control a selected hero and wake up on the beach, you set out to collect materials and people to help you get back home.




The only thing similar in all of the different bioms you encounter is the hub area where you can upgrade your character or the ship that you use to get to new islands, other than that it is pretty much a new experience every time. To get to a new island you need to head out and find map tablets which are hidden on the island you are currently on somewhere.




To do this though you need a little help from your friends, or strangers that you meet on the different island. Some have unique abilities while other share abilities. Abilities such as the ability to build bridges across gaps, or pick locks to find important items. But at the start of the game you are only allow to have one helper with you at all time, the helper you dismiss returns to the hub until you go back and take him or her with you. At the end of an island you meet up with a boss, which doesn't call for much difficulty but it is nice to see them put this addition in the game.




The main problem with the game is the fact that it never saves. In a society like the one with are currently living in the fact that you can't save and loose all your progress might be enough to become a games downfall simply for the fact that we are always on the move. Not many of us have time to sit hours upon hours with the same game and finish it in one sitting anymore. Not me at least, I am a parent now and my kids take up most of my time, so for me to put anything more than a couple of hours on a game a day is a luxury that I seldom have.




Although, if you do have more free-time than me on your hand then Lost Sea might just be what you need, as the game itself is interesting, nothing game changing at all here, but still new and fresh in its own way. I love games like this though, waking up somewhere, not knowing anything about anyone and just heading out and exploring. I would love for it to have a save system as mentioned earlier but that might just be a personal taste and should not retract from the overall experience if you are into games like that. Check out some gameplay videos of the game and if you like what you see then you should go check it out.

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