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Review - Fenix Furia

Created on Monday, 27 June 2016


Fenix Furia is as close to a new Super Meatboy game you can get at the moment. It is a 2D action platformer which calls for quick reactions and 100 % total control of the controller at all times. With hairpin precision this is one of those “try and fail” games where you at times pull every strain of hair from your head in frustration while almost imploding of excitement whenever you conquer a hard level





Some of you might have heard of Fenix Rage, a PC exclusive release back in 2014, if you do then you know exactly what this is as this is a re-release of the game entitled Fenix Furia. Your goal is to reach a portal at the end of the level, reach this without dying and you progress to the next level, pick up a bonus item on the way and you get more points, easy right? WRONG!




You control Fenix, if you haven't already figured that out, a nimble character with unlimited dashing and jumping powers. With a pretty easy start it quickly ramps up to the almost impossible towards the end, and if you are starting to get frustrated at the beginning just imagine 200 levels of this.




There is also split screen co-op which puts you in a race to get to the end first with a buddy of yours. This isn't anything game-changing but it is a nice way to add additional replay value to an already packed game.




It is no secret that I absolutely love games like this, and Fenix Furia is one of those game that I boot up whenever I got a few minutes of downtime and end up 3 hours later just wanting one more try. It is an incredible addictive experience and the instant respawn addition is what makes all of this well worth it.




The thing with games like this is that it brings me back to when I was 7-8 and got my first NES and played games like this, challenging and almost impossible but incredible rewarding when you first conquered something you had probably struggled with for days, even weeks at times. Fenix Furia is a nice time-waster for anyone that is currently looking for something really challenging. Good luck and enjoy!

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