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Review - Uncharted 4

Created on Wednesday, 08 June 2016


Lets be honest, if you own a Playstation there is no chance in hell you do not already know what the Uncharted series is. Either you have played all of them, played some of them or at least one of them and you already have a opinion on whether you like the series or not. If you are reading this chances are you are a fan of the series and want to know if you should pick up the long awaited sequel to Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, the short answer to that is yes, and my follow-up question to you is, why haven't you already? And what if I told you this might be the best game in the series. This is our review for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and it is amazing. Don't worry, this review is totally spoiler free!





Naughty Dog was acquired by Sony Interactive Entertainment back in 2001, by this time Naughty Dog, which was previously known as Jam Software before renaming in 1989, had managed to release a few games, most noticeable the Crash Bandicoot series, but in 2001 they came out with Jak & Daxter published by then Sony Computer Entertainment and has been a roll ever since. In 2013 however they released the highly appreciated Last of Us, and later on the Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection which we did a review for that you can read if you haven't already. But the year is 2016 and here we are, with the final instalment in the Uncharted series, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End.



So this is it people, this is the fourth and final instalment in arguably the best franchise in Playstation history. Three games have been released and they have all harvested positive reviews with the second one secretly being my all time favourite of the three, that was until I played Uncharted 4, which is now, without a shadow of a doubt, my favourite Uncharted game of all time. Hey, listen to this, there is a playable level of Crash Bandicoot in the game, and it is part of the story, think about that for a second...




Once again you lace up the boots of Nathan Drake while three years have passed since the events of Uncharted 3 where we meet a retired Nathan Drake who lives well with the idea of not having to risk his life for treasures anymore and has settled in with his wife and now work as a legal diver. But there is a lingering feeling in the back of his head that this one last treasure hunt will leave him satisfied, it isn't until something remarkable happens that he finally decides that there is time for one final run for the perfect treasure.



The core gameplay is still the same, it is still a third person action-adventure game, and there are still platform puzzles to be solved, houses to scale, mountains to be climbed, oceans to be explored and enemies to kill, either guns blazing or stealthily, but luckily there are less of the quick-time events and even some vehicle handling to be done. It is still a linear world, but with multiple paths for you to freely choose from and the different maps are bigger then ever, areas are supposedly ten times larger than in the previous games, just waiting for you to explore them. Also introduced is different dialogue options which sadly doesn't effect the story.




The story feels like a train ride, it takes a little while for the engine to get going but once it gets going it is incredible hard to slow down and Uncharted 4 is just like that, it takes a few chapters for it to really get going, which don't get me wrong, is not saying the start of the game is bad or boring in any way, but once you get a few chapters in it really starts showing you why this might just be the greatest game in the series.



Now let us quickly talk about the visuals in Uncharted 4, again, I know I keep harping on about how great this game is by this is one of the most visually stunning games I have ever seen. The facial expressions are impressive to say the least, the surroundings really manages to set the mood no matter where you might find yourself, and the amount of details crammed into this game makes me wonder why we would even need a new set of consoles down the road. Luckily Uncharted 4 has a photo mode which gives you the ability to take some amazing looking screenshots and then put your filters and adjust them and I spent way too much time playing around with this mode whenever I had the chance to.




Returning in Uncharted 4 is the multiplayer part of the game, now to be honest this has never been a highlight for me when it comes to this series but it is nice that it is an option as I am sure a lot of you enjoyed the previous one, and if you did this should be right up your alley. Some modes for you to play around with are here, customization options and weapon mods either for in game currency or spend some of your hard-earned cash if you have no patience and a nice addition is that all the upcoming DLCs will be free courtesy of Naughty Dog.




By now you might have a problem with me calling this the most beautiful game ever made and also calling this the best Uncharted game ever made, but that is the beauty of a review, it is to tell you how I really feel about a certain game and that is truly how I feel about Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. You might disagree with me, and the beautiful thing about this is that you a free to do so, you are free to not get this game and you are free to miss out on one of the most exciting, action-packed and visually stunning adventures you are ever going to have on a Playstation 4, but I beg you not to.  

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