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Review - Hitman Episode 2: Sapienza

Created on Thursday, 12 May 2016


The second episode of the new Hitman game is upon us and after numerous play through and a playtime of too many hours to even share with you we finally reached a verdict. This is, for some people, the make or break if they should buy all the episodes or just leave it at that first episode, but let me tell you, it keeps getting better and better with each episode. This is the Playstation 4 review of the second episode for Hitman, “Sapienza”





If you missed out on our first review of Episode 1 for Hitman you can check that out.

The story continues with a new episode in what I think might be one of the best Hitman experiences to date, with the release of the second episode in the series. The story of the ICA is slowly but surely rolling out and the suspense is a great way to keep checking out the episodes as they release but the actual town and the actual gameplay is personally the main reason why I think this is the best Hitman game to date.




The last episodes had you running around a giant building for most of the game, the fashion show they put on in this giant villa was entertaining but in this episode you get an actual city to explore with so many Easter eggs and hidden personalities and short-cuts I keep running into something new every time I play-through it.

Whether it is the contracts or the actual story there is always something new to discover, and with the first elusive target dropping on the 13th of May there seems to be new Hitman content almost 24/7 which is perfect for a Hitman fan like myself. And some of the community made contracts are a absolute blast to play through. You even get the 1/5 contracts which basically gives you 5 different objectives you have to finish without getting caught or killed.




Even though the actual story missions might be over too quick there is so much more to this game than just taking out the targets and destroying the dangerous virus without being noticed. I started exploring once and found a stairway leading to the top of a building, on the third floor was something similar of a law firm but on the fourth floor was a hippie living peacefully. There is also a mime in this game, entertaining a crowd and if you are like me and have a hate relationship with all mimes this is your moment to take revenge on them.




This episode has a church, shops, beaches, underground tunnels, sewers, living city-life, a underground secret lab and that's not mentioning the entire building with the actual story characters which is also huge. As I mentioned earlier there is something new to discover every time you play the game and that is why, once again, this is shaping up to become of the best Hitman games ever made.




The episodic part of the game put me off at first but as they keep pumping out content for it I totally stand by the decision the developers made when they turned this Hitman game into the episodic game we now are slowly but surely seeing. The second episode of the new Hitman game is what will eventually clear you of any doubts that if you enjoy this episode you are going to absolutely love everything else this game has to offer if this is the direction they are heading with it. I for one am beyond excited to follow this game as it unfolds.


New Destination: Sapienza

New Story mission: World of Tomorrow

10 new Opportunities for ‘World of Tomorrow’

20 levels of Sapienza Mastery, with the following unlocks:

8 new Sapienza starting locations

(+1 starting location unlocked via a challenge)

8 new Sapienza Agency Pickup locations

6 new weapon/gear unlocks

New suit for Sapienza: Italian Suit

75+ Sapienza-specific challenges

7 new trophies/achievements

New 'The Sarajevo Six' Contract. Target 2: The Enforcer. (PS4 Exclusive)

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