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Review - Deadpool (PS4)

Created on Monday, 14 March 2016


Better late than never. When Deadpool first arrived on the previous consoles we wrote “There is nothing unique here, but it is still one of the most fun and entertaining experiences I have had in a long time. It is good to play a game that is just that, a game, a fun and entertaining experience that disconnects you from the real-world for a few hours and takes you on an insane journey through the mind of Deadpool.” and this still stands when we once again revisit Deadpool, only this time on the current gen consoles

 If you want the meat on our first meeting with Deadpool go check out our review of the Playstation 3 version of this game




After the licensing contract between Activision and Marvel expired, Deadpool and other Marvel themed Activision games disappeared from PSN, Steam and XBL. With former Deadpool writer Daniel Way and developer High Moon Studios the scene is set for us to revisit our beloved, and insane forth-wall breaking character Deadpool once again.




Deadpool sets out to create the most awesome game ever, with High Moon Studios help and because of his distance from the game and reality you get a few funny experiences where Deadpool spends way too much money on one part of the game only to have the developers save costs in other scenes, and this is what makes Deadpool the game so awesome at times. Other times however it is a flat and boring standard action-shooter.




You see the actual gameplay in most of the game is nothing amazing, and nothing new. You get hordes of repetitive enemies and you mow through them pretty easily, but it is when the game takes a step outside the ordinary the game really shines, when the developers let Deadpool be Deadpool.




Whenever you are in combat you earn DP points, rack up a nice combo and you get more DP points, which can be used to upgrade and buy new weapons or Deadpool. The skill tree isn't much to brag about but it is a nice reason to keep grinding through what at times seems like endless hordes of the same enemies. As mentioned before, the combat is not Deadpools strongest quality. The platform elements in the game can also be frustrating at times when the jumping feels a bit off. You have a double jump but it just never felt comfortable and I always dreaded having to use it.




Another thing that made me a little sad was the level design in the game. I mean how many times have you played a game with sewer levels? Or how about a jungle level? This feels mostly as a incredible easy way out for the developers and it is sadly boring to look at. However, the game sometimes switches up when the game remembers it is a Deadpool game. Sadly, the overall feel of the visuals throughout the game was, in my mind, a huge waste of potential.




When Deadpool gets to be Deadpool the game is hilarious and insane in just the right ways, the cut-scenes are funny and interesting, even though the overall story is a bit lacking. The visual are dull to look at most of the time but there are moments when the game truly shines and those are usually when the developers remembered it is a Deadpool game and goes all out insane.




There is so much potential here but the feel after you power through a 6-10 hour main story is rather lacklustre sadly. Even though I loved the game when it first released, revisiting it just reminded me of what it could have been but sadly never was. I am a huge fan of Deadpool, it is one of the few comic book characters I actually follow, and after watching the movie I can't help but to feel sad when I think of what this game could have been. How about an open-world Deadpool game where he goes after the different characters, like the Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe series?




But don't get me wrong, if you are a fan like I am there is enough Deadpool in here to at least wet your beak, I just wish there was more Deadpool and not as much generic action-shooter.

However, if this was my first time with the game I would enjoy it even more as I did when I reviewed the original release. If this is your first time with the game and you are a fan of Deadpool then go right ahead as I am sure you are going to enjoy the experience, if this is your second time thinking about going through the game there really isn't much to see here that you haven't already seen. But it is a nice game to just sit down and mindlessly push buttons only to get the experience of it all.  

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