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Review - Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo

Created on Monday, 08 February 2016


There are way too many racing games which gives the control complete control from the beginning, there are no real skill involved you just push the gas and drift through the different turns until you finally hit the finish line, these are mostly arcade racing games and there is fun to be had there too, but Sebastien Loebs Rally Evo is nothing of the sort, this is nitty, gritty, in-your-face racing. You are going to have to learn the hard way how to control these oiled beasts, but when you do there is nothing like the feeling of being in control of everything this game has to offer. This is every petrol-heads wet dream





The problem with this game is that the first few hours will have you on the verge of rage-quitting, or throwing your controller as far as it'll go. You will be cursing at the screen and the cars and questioning why they control so horribly, until you slowly but surely start the steep learning curve and realize that this game isn't meant to be easy. It isn't an arcade racer and it isn't a racing simulator, it takes the best of both and creates something more unique. This is our review of Sebastien Loeb's Rally Evo on the Playstation 4.




There are a few different types of races you have to endure while playing the game, you have your regular ones called Rally and Single Stage, then there is Elimination Races which pins you against multiple other racers and a timer starts ticking down as soon as the race starts, when the timer hits zero the racer in last place is eliminated and that car left alone at the end is the winner. You have the Rallycross Races which are basically the same as the Rally races but with mixed terrain and sometimes multiple paths to choose from. Sector battles sees the drivers trying to conquer sectors by doing laps with the best time. The driver with the most sectors conquered at the end of the race wins.




There are also different modes to choose from in Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo, you have your quick mode which lets you race around different tracks in rented or owned cars. The career mode has 9 different events, and all events comes with multiple categories with each category having multiple different races, locations, cars and tracks. And you have the Loeb Experience which is where you play as a young Sebastien Loeb all the way from his early days to a world champion until the end where you compete to become the all-time greatest.




The game has a huge variety of cars, I counted 70 on the menu screen and you also have the ability to buy a few others with the three different DLCs available, which gives you three different cars and different events and tracks. The cars available as DLC are Renault 5 Turbo, Suzuki Escudo PP and the Peugot 405 T 16. Every car is put into different categories d├ębut, junior, vintage, new ear, iconic, open, master, extreme and Loeb.




You can also customize your cars and your team in the garage, and also buy new cars with the credits you earn from racing. If there is a car that you really want but is way too expensive or there is a track you want to race on but you don't own a car fitted for that specific race then you also have the ability to rent cars for a small amount so that you can try out almost everything that way. There are however some cars that are locked behind certain gates which you unlock by levelling up your player.




Speaking of customization, before each race you can go really deep into the customization if you know enough about cars and how they handle differently, because you can customize everything from the suspensions, the transmission, the breaks, the wheels and even the spoiler on the car. This is clearly a fantasy for any petrol head out there.




Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo has a multiplayer mode where you can join up with your friends or race strangers online. There are quick matches if you just want to get in there, lobbies to crew up and go through the different races that way or you can create your own matches, the choice is 100 % yours as with everything in this game.




This game is a mixed bag depending on what you expect from it, if you are looking for an arcade racer to quickly jump into for a few hours and have fun that way this is definitely not your game, but if you are looking for a challenging yet incredible rewarding racing game then Sebastien Loeb's Rally Evo is the game for you. Although it might not beat any of the other current racers on the current-gen consoles in the graphics department, it looks good enough that the sense of speed is actually pretty scary at times. There are a few hiccups when you have multiple cars and you use the front-bumper camera view, like I always do in racing games, as the cars will usually pop in and out of view even though they are right in-front of you, but other than that there is really nothing to speak negatively about regarding this game.  

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