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Review - Arslan: The Warriors of Legend

Created on Monday, 08 February 2016


Omega Force is back at it again with another release, Arslan: The Warriors of Legend. Omega Force most noticeably known for their work on the Dynasty Warriors series, but also games like One Piece: Pirate Warriors, Hyrule Warriors, Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below among others. So you already know what you get once you go looking for a Omega Force developed game, and if you don't allow me to educate you the easiest way I know, they all feel like playing a Dynasty Warriors game with other characters, story and some tweaks to gameplay mechanics. But other than that, they are pretty similar to previous releases





This is not me saying all Omega Force developed games should be avoided if you don't like Dynasty Warriors games, because they are not blueprints of each other I am simply saying the similarities are many and noticeable, yet all games have their own unique twists and tweaks and they are usually enough to set the different series apart. This time we dive into the fantasy novel based world of Arslan: The Warriors of Legend and this review is done on the Playstation 4.




This is the first time I get to experience the world of Yoshiki Tanaka's The Heroic Legend of Arslan, and I did my homework and found out that the art-style is based on the animated series, which uses Hiromu Arakawa's design. Now this might mean more to you then it does to me but seeing as we do not have our trusty Anime editor on staff at the moment I get to experience the madness of trying to piece enough information together to do a proper review of a series, and show that I know absolutely nothing about. So please, don't lynch me or sharpen your pitchforks as I do not mean to offend anyone with my lack of knowledge and try to put yourself in my shoes as a newbie to the series and give a week to try and make sense of it all.




Now that we got all of that out of the way, lets talk about the game itself shall we? All I have to compare this game with is my Warriors Orochi and Dynasty Warriors experience, which is also lacking but I have at least played my share of the games in those series. The combat is very similar on the surface of the previous mentioned two games, hordes of enemies attack you while flashing spots on the map shows you where you should be and you need to plough through these enemies to get to the point on the map where you are supposed to be and you get a mission, finish the mission and you rinse and repeat until you get to the end and lead your soldiers towards a huge blue light which triggers a cut-scene and that specific map is done.




Now bare in mind that what I just described is nothing new, you might have experienced something similar yourself and you are correct in assuming so and if you have you know there is a lot of backtracking in these type of games, so Arslan: The Warriors of Legend comes equipped with a mount to speed up the process. If you played a similar game you will also know that the combat might get repetitive at times so luckily Arslan: The Warriors of Legend comes equipped with a slew of different characters in which you get to play as and they all have different attacks and weapons, which again are different if you are on your mount or not. Each character has their own specific special attack which are easily triggered by pressing the R2 button.




To keep the combat from becoming repetitive, Omega Force also added the ability for your controllable characters to carry multiple weapons which can be easily switched between during battle. If a player has two or more weapons a Charge Shift can be triggered which can have your enemies dropping more loot or experience. Characters you get to control can be levelled up but weapons can also be levelled up and books can be used to increase efficiency. Cards dropped by fallen foes are also used as part of you upgrading your characters abilities.




Heat Areas are also spread across the map but they are not always present as they will randomly spawn during a battle or when you need them to progress through the story. You enter a Heat Area and trigger the event by pressing R2 and you initiate the Mardân Rush which is maybe the most enjoyable part of the game when it comes to the actual combat mechanics, because you get to control your entire battalion as they mow down enemies for a short period of time. Different troop types get different attacks.




The story part of the game is my main problem as I do not completely understand who is who and what is really going on. But it didn't really bother me too much as the combat itself had enough meat for it to be entertaining none the less. And for the story to be complicated for me to understand is not the developers or the writers fault, it is fully my problem alone and was not part of the way I judged the overall experience of the game.




Arslan: The Warriors of Legend is as you would expect from a Omega Force developed game by now, it delivers in amount of unlockables, playable characters, and story heavy narrative. Is it for everyone? No, certainly not, but for Anime fans or fans of the series, it most certainly is. A newbie to the series as I was during this review, even I knew more of the series than I would have ever imagined I would when I started it. It was all pretty overwhelming, but the way the story slowly progressed, the way the different characters was slowly introduced and the way the combat kept me entertained there was enough meat here to keep me satisfied and interested until the end. I am not going to lie and say I am now a huge fan of the series but it did more than I thought it would to win me over throughout my time with the game. Definitely a wet dream for any fan of the series though.

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