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Review - Call of Duty Black Ops III

Created on Friday, 20 November 2015


Third times the charm is a saying that rarely holds any meaning, the same can be said for Call of Duty Black Ops 3 seeing as the previous two on the series has seen incredible success and it was a no-brainer that we would get a third in the series. The question is however, can Treyarch have lightning strike thrice ? If you want the answer you should check out this review for Call of Duty: Black Ops III for the Playstation 4





For those of you that don't know what COD: BO is allow me to first and foremost ask you what your current housing is, if the answer is “under a rock” then you are free to enjoy this really quick tutorial on Call of Duty Black Ops, but if the answer is a regular house or apartment and you play games on regularly then my answer to you would be, what are you doing? Call of Duty has gone from a World War series of shooters to a high-tech, futuristic, sci-fi military first-person shooter, developed by Treyarch and published by Activision. Numerous Call of Duty releases has seen the light of day but this is the third in the Black Ops series. This is however the twelfth instalment in the Call of Duty series.




With every Treyarch developed Call of Duty games lately it seems like 3 is a lucky number of sorts, as these last couple of releases has had the 3 different modes to choose from right out of the gate, the campaign mode, multiplayer and the zombies mode. The campaign is probably the mode that is least talked about but in my eyes one of the highlights every year a new game releases, the other two modes has for some reason been what people judge the series on.




This years multiplayer lends heavily from Advanced Warfare in form of actual gameplay mechanics as the wall-running, power-sliding and boost-jumping makes a noticeable return. Also this year you have the ability to choose from different characters, which in this case is called “Specialists”. Each specialist comes with two different and unique special powers as well as weapons which can be unlocked during a match simply by playing well. This is not judged the way a kill streak would be as you will unlock the ability to use the weapons during a match no matter how many times you die but play well and you get the ability faster.




Customization is also available in the campaign mode in Black Ops III, as players can for the first time choose to customize the look of their characters. By playing the campaign you can find and unlock outfits to suit and boot your player to your liking which is a nice, but not really necessary addition, but again, it is a nice addition to the overall package. Also included this year is the ability to play the entire campaign with up to four players. The hitch here however is the screen will go into a 4:3 aspect which at times makes reading text almost impossible, but I understand why Treyarch picked this for the split-screen as it would probably melt your console if it didn't.

The zombies mode is set in a 1940's, noire zombie-infested city called “Shadows of Evil” with an XP progression.




Speaking of progression, in Black Ops III you can play around with a Black Market which is a way to get Supply Drops which can be anything from common to rare items, usually in the form of decals, calling cards or weapon cameos. As mentioned earlier customization is a huge part of this years Black Ops as almost everything is customizable including player cards and weapons. You can of course also customize your load out and your weapons with different perks and add-ons.




The multiplayer comes fully equipped with 12 maps in total, additional map is the fan favourite Nuk3town which has seen a futuristic upgrade visually and is a nice rendition of the old classic. Each map seems to utilise the new movements available for the players as there are gaps and walls to run on to flank your enemy. Multiplayer is still as intense and action-packed as always but these new maps seems to help keep the action going yet there are still places for “campers” to have their annual field day.




Call of Duty: Black Ops III seems to have something for everyone, that is if you are fan of the series, and if you're not then you probably wouldn't be at this part of the review anyway. If you are a fan of the multiplayer mode of the Black Ops games then you will love Black Ops III, if you enjoyed the zombie modes the most then this years rendition of it is, in my eyes, the best one to date. And last but not least, if you are like me, a dying breed, that enjoys the campaign mode in a Call of Duty game the most then this years release has enough action to keep you satisfied with your purchase as this years campaign can net you around 10-12 hours of campaign action. Call of Duty: Black Ops III proves that lightning can not only strike, in the same spot, twice but thrice.

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