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Review - Transformers Devastation

Created on Monday, 19 October 2015


Back in the day there was two things that mattered to me, He-Man and his Universe and Transformers. As a die hard fan of both of those series it saddens me that there really never has been a game adaptation of either that has really struck me, not saying there has been a ton of He-Man games but Transformers on the other hand has seen a nice set of releases since the 80s. The latest release in the Transformers franchise is Devastation and it is by far the most beautiful and nostalgic Transformers game ever released, sadly it is too short and the scenario never really changes all that much, but man oh man how I love this game





Developer this time around is well-known Platinum Games which is most famous for the Bayonetta series, but also has games like MadWorld, Vanquish and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance but also lesser known or games that didn't really do all that well such as Anarchy Reigns, The Wonderful 101 and the latest game that got a ton of backlash after its release, Legend of Korra. So a part of me was excited as I knew Platinum Games does one thing really good in my mind, and that has always been their way of handling combat in games. Transformers Devastation does combat really well, but as with the scenario it can get repetitive towards the end of the game which will last you around 5 hours.




The campaign mode is over before it really starts sadly, but as you progress through the story mode you unlock different challenges which can be chosen from the main menu. As set of 50 different challenges are available for you but you quickly realize that they are basically horde modes with different difficulty level attached to them with a few races mixed in between. Nothing wrong with that at all since the combat is so satisfying but the part where you level up after you finish the main campaign really doesn’t give you that extra push to go through all of the challenges.




I heard some people claimed Transformers Devastation looked like a pretty PS2 games and if that is how you feel after seeing some gameplay of the game I feel sorry for the way you judge game graphics. Transformers Devastation has so many tiny details, especially on the Transformers themselves, and the introduction of a new Transformers always left me excited. Every boss battle I played was a blast from start to finish and mixing up the combos of quick and strong attacks made the visuals really shine even brighter.




Not only the visuals makes for a great experience, the music is also the icing on the robotic cake, the metal music blasting out during combat and switches up to introduce you new enemies really increased the nostalgia for me. If you experienced Transformers back in the day you know how much of a role those two elements played in why the series got as popular as it did back then and even to this day. So if you feel the graphics and music in Transformers Devastation is outdated you are approaching this game completely wrong in my mind. Original voice actors has been brought back, not all of them for good reasons, but you can experience names such as Dan Gilvezan, Peter Cullen and Frank Welker to name a few.




You can level up your Transformers too, with unlockable weapons which drops from items that can be destroyed in the game or enemies you destroy. Switching up the weapons for the different Transformers felt wrong at first but you quickly realize why it is a thing as it changes up the way you would usually play a certain Transformer. Also the sound when the Transformers change in or out of the vehicles is back. Besides the weapons you find you can also upgrade the attributes of every Transformer and players choose from five Autobots (Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Sideswipe, Wheeljack, and Grimlock). Most of them control somewhat similar but Grimlock seems to be the most different of the five, but it is nice that there is an option to switch characters before every mission.




All I am trying to say with this review is that if you have love for Transformers this is a great way to experience the reason why the series is what it is today. There hasn't really been that many games that has managed to recreate the magic from the early beginnings of the series but Platinum Games sure managed to tug at my nostalgic heart string. Sure, the fact is that it is short, and the challenges aren’t all that interesting after a while but the look and feel of the game is well worth a try. Maybe it is not a full-priced game the way it is released at the moment but whatever you choose to do I suggest you try out Transformers Devastation and make up your own mind before letting someone tell you it sucks. I loved the short time I had with the game, I wished there was more when I finished it and there was parts of it that felt repetitive but overall it is a great way to spend some time in the Transformers Universe again.  

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