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Review - PES 2016

Created on Tuesday, 13 October 2015


'tis the season to be jolly, if you are a football fan. I mean what better time of the year than when it is getting colder outside and you don't have to leave the comfort of your own home to kick that pesky ball around like some kind of lunatic. I mean seriously, why couldn't real football be as easy as video games? Fear not, tis the season for football games to release and we all know there are really only two, Fifa and PES, this year we have chosen the winner and therefore we have only one review, our PES 2016 review and the reason why PES 2016 is the best football game out there right now



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When reviewing a game like PES you unfortunately always have to include its worst enemy, those pesky FIFA games, whom to be fair has ruled the land of football games for quite some time now but in my mind always felt like they never really changed. In the beginning it seemed to only get better and better, and after a few years there was no question, FIFA was the better football game, but oh have the times changed because there is a new sheriff in town but the only problem with this sheriff is that he might not be staying for long seeing as Konami is giving us mixed signals as to what is happening in the future with the company.


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However, PES isn't a game that just suddenly popped into the football market, and by the way this is FOOTBALL, not soccer... PES, or Pro Evolution Soccer, has been around since the early 2000 and if you really want to dig back into Konami's football past you can check out Goal Storm which released for the original Playstation back in '96 which is only 3 years after the first FIFA game released, so before you judge Konami and PES you should check up on the history.




Now, Konami has never been synonymous with football for the common football game fan but for the “hardcore” players you usually had both. You see where FIFA always have had a certain focus on the stable of players and the biggest roster, PES didn't get the chance to put the FIFA licences teams in so they had to go for whatever was left. Now this doesn't mean there was no famous players in PES it just meant that FIFA has and probably always will have the biggest and most meaty roster of the two. But what FIFA can boost with in regards to players and teams PES always relaid on the experience more than anything else. Because say what you want but you can never convince me that FIFA is more focus on the overall football aspect than PES is or have been, when it comes to straight football without the gilts and glammers there is no question, and I know a lot of people will agree with me, PES has always been king.




The difference is noticeable as soon as you start playing as PES feels a lot crisper and responsive than its competition. The entire overall gameplay just feels like it flows a lot more effortlessly and a lot faster when compared. Also one of the most amazing improvements in this years release is how much the weather actually effects not only the ball but the players. Lets say for example it starts pouring down rain the ball and players will be more difficult to manoeuvre as it would in real life, and you can actually slip and fumble because of this which just adds more random events and outcomes than other games.




The weather is not the only thing that has been improved as the players have also had an overhaul and now control and act a lot more realistic than ever. Now I am not going to sit here and deny FIFA any influence on PES as you can clearly see the similarities between the Ultimate Team and PES' myClub and the Be a Pro mode which is similar to become a legend. And playing as your own character can be tedious, especially at the early goings as you really don't stand a chance until you grind some to get your levels a little higher, but all in all the meat is really the realistic feel of the gameplay and yet still they manages to keep the familiar arcade feeling the series is known as.


pes2016 6


To me personally a football game doesn't have to have all the become a legends of football card modes, it doesn't have to have the ability to scout players to get better players or all of that other management that comes with PES 2016 but I can clearly see why it is here. These modes are wet-dreams for anyone over the average interested in football, and I don’t judge that as a negative in any way, I am just saying that is not why PES 2016 is the best football game this year. The reason as to why PES 2016 is better than anything else football related you have played this year, if we are not counting Rocket League, is that it is so much fun. PES 2016 manages to yet again make football fun for everyone, even if you don’t follow any teams, even if you don’t care for it at all, there is still enjoyment to be had here because of the random events that can occur because of the mechanics implemented this year. PES 2016 is the best football game this year and it is a shame if Konami discontinues this series as I think next years release might give FIFA a real run for its money, but hopefully PES 2016 sales will let Konami know that there is a really huge market for this game here. Please Konami, don’t take our Pro Evolution Soccer away.  

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