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Review - NBA 2K16

Created on Tuesday, 13 October 2015

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Take me back to the 90s when the words “A Spike Lee Joint” meant that you were about to see something revolutionary, the year however is 2016 or should I say 2K16. A new era of sport games has come and gone and last years release in the NBA 2K series saw a improved game which I personally though would have just kept improving but sadly this is not the case this time around, but relax, sit down and rest your eyeballs on this as we go for nothing but nets with the latest release from 2K, NBA 2K16





OK, fine. Let us just get the whole Spike Lee thing out of the way, because the only reason this is referred to as a “Spike Lee Joint” is the career mode which the famous movie director gives it his all to try and make you really feel for the characters you encounter and the character you play, as they encounter drama on the way from High School all the way to the pro league, and the directing and voice acting is good, it is just my character that I don’t like.




You see the problem with the character, the whole drama portion, the behind the scenes stuff and everything you choose to do doesn't really impact the story at all. It felt like no matter how I played, no matter how I answered or behaved, I would eventually end up at the top. But let me make it clear once again that the voice acting is really good, but the choices which should make this MY career does seem like it is a set path and more OUR career. Also the way you have to grind your way to the top seems to me like it is even a harder grind than ever this year for some reason.




The myCareer mode isn't all bad though, there is a lot of management that actual works, and the story is laid out slow but steady as you crawl your way to the top. Nothing really wrong with myCareer mode it just seems like it wasn't anything new or exciting either, but this might be more of a personal taste issue so it doesn't prevent me from enjoying NBA 2K16, although myCareer mode is usually what I put the most amount of time into.




Packs! We got packs too! Lets talk about it, there is a thing with cards these last couple of years, collectible cards. I remember these things from when I was young, you bought a pack of sealed cards with football players on them, and you had an album in which you could put these cards in, I know you know them as they are still around, but back when I was a kid they were huge. Well they are now in every sport games and I am grown up and lost interest in collecting cards but I know this is a phenomenon that wont disappear as a lot of people are really into them and more power to them for it, NBA 2K16 has them in MyTeam.




So where this years career mode left me disappointed as opposed to last years beautiful rendition, this years online mode really surprised me and made up for the lacklustre attempt that was released last year. Now you chew on that for a second, here you have two things that they had nailed perfectly once and then next year made it worse but also something they completely wasted but this year made excellent. Please let the next release have both these factors in place and it would be amazing. The Pro-Am mode, the Play Now Online and MyPark modes works which was a incredible well received surprise for me personally. So it is clearly not the that the developers doesn't listen as they probably heard the complaints from last year loud and clear and addressed it which is always a nice addition.




And that is not the only improvements in NBA 2K16, as the my league modes and the more in-depth customization of the gameplay aspects has been improved. The graphics and the movement of the players has always seen an overhaul, not saying there was much wrong with last years graphics but it is always nice to see some improvements and it is noticeable enough for you to see the difference which is nice.


nba 2k16


Listen, I enjoy NBA 2K16, I really do. I have enjoyed the previous releases also, but every year there seems to be something that they did excellent in the previous year that they have managed to make me loose interest this year for some reason. And it makes me sad as there isn't a mode in here that I don’t want to invest time in but at the end of the day it feels like too much of a grind. NBA 2K16 is an excellent basketball game, and is an excellent choice if you are hungry for a new basketball game I am just not sure it makes the a high enough jump from last years release.  

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