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Review - Destiny: The Taken King

Created on Friday, 25 September 2015


Do you feel like a reason to head back into the wonderful world of Destiny? Have you given up hope on the game as you, and many other, had enough of being cheated out of engram but yet secretly hoped it would get fixed because the shooting is some of the best in any shooter game out there? Tired of the same old missions, head back to the tower, collect your rewards and head back out and wished for more content? Think you are levelled up enough for it not to matter and dreaming about a brand new level cap? Well you my friend are going to love what I have to say about the newly released expansion for Destiny entitled The Taken King...



First things first, we did a review of Destiny when it first launched and you could check that out before reading this for a more direct review of the concept of the game if you do not already know it




I was one of the people I described just now, I was one of you. I loved Destiny, but I hated the fact that I loved it so much when it was slowly killing me inside. I was addicted but I couldn't figure out why, but I kept coming back for more, so when I got tasked with reviewing The Taken King, the legendary edition mind you, I was secretly hoping it was the answers to all my problems. The Taken King for me would finally prove, once and for all, if Destiny was a game I would absolutely love to waste time in or if I was done with the series for good, sadly for my own sanity I fell back in love with it.




Yes, it is true, I now absolutely love what Destiny has finally become. Destiny has finally become the game we always wanted but never thought could be. I am going to be absolutely honest in this review like I am in every review, I didn't think it would be possible to fix Destiny, I admit it, but that never stopped me from hoping this would be it. So without further ado, this is why you should go back to Destiny and play The Taken King.




The first thing you are going to notice is as soon as you start shooting enemies your level is going to go up, slow and steady you will keep upgrading your character to the new level-cap which is now set to 40. Beyond level 40 you can always keep levelling up like you did before but in form of equipment and weapons. And let me tell you, although I didn’t have much trouble or spend incredible amounts of time getting to level 40 I enjoyed every second of it. So much indeed that I made a new character and started a brand new story. Bungie has listened and given us what we wanted, new missions, more back-story, new weapons and items and yes, more frequent better loot drops.




A few hours into my play-through of the Taken King I had already equipped every single piece of armour and weapons with newly acquired loot, and the strangest thing happened when I first picked up my green loot and it turned out to absolutely destroy my current legendary setup, my mind was blown but I knew I was onto something really good at that moment. So yes, when I say more loot I mean more loot, the amount of drops right now are in my mind just the perfect amount and the chances for picking up something better than you already got equipped also seems to be increased noticeably.




The Legendary Edition of the Taken King comes with Destiny and the two previously released expansions The Dark Below and House of Wolves and of course the Taken King. If that wasn't enough you will also get a new campaign and new quests, new locations, new Strikes and Crucible maps, new Raid that boasts to “put players to the ultimately test”, and last but certainly not least, new enemies, weapons, gear and yes, new subclasses (Warlocks will now harness the power of an electric storm, Hunters will carve a bow formed from gravitational void energy, and Titans will summon a flaming hammer that can sear their adversaries from a range or deliver a devastating melee impact.). Mind you all that is promised to you, and you probably knew that already but from what I have experienced it is all worth it and adds to the value of the overall product, in a way it is a thank you that you have to pay for ..but the thank you is really good you guys! They also throw in a gift to everyone who has either previously purchased one of the expansions or reached light level 30.




Gone are those pesky Vanguard and Crucible Marks and introducing the more acceptable Legendary Marks. No more fighting for a weapon or piece of gear with a higher Light Level than what you previously have equipped, the Light Level is not actually gone but the meaning of what you know all so well is gone, now it is more of a way to help you balance your current load-out. You can infuse items to make them more powerful and one of my favourite new things with this Destiny is the Quest log, yes Destiny now has a Quest Log, a working one! And you know what, you don't have to head back to the tower anymore if you have finished a bounty, you can just head into your inventory and hand them in wherever and whenever. And yes, Destiny now has Nolan North in it.




Now, if you are still in doubt after reading this review then Destiny is probably not for you, never have been and probably never will and that is fine, however, as of now, Destiny has never been better. If you have been on the fence then let me tell you that it is OK to jump down and try it out and if you still don't like it then I apologize, but I personally feel that this is the Destiny we always wanted. Have you noticed there has been less talk about Destiny than previous and I still think this is because the negativity that people have been complaining about since it first released has finally been turned into positivity and you don't hear too much of that anymore in the gaming industry, sadly. It is OK to say it, Destiny is a really enjoyable game now, really enjoyable.  

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