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Review - Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Created on Friday, 25 September 2015


It is time for the swansong to commence and for us all to wave goodbye to what we all know and love as the Metal Gear Solid franchise. What started out as a weird game has turned into some of the most memorable experiences in gaming history. A story that has had us scratching and clawing at our heads trying to paste it all together to sum up a somewhat coherent story and with the release of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain we wave goodbye to the brilliant mind of Kojima, at least under the Konami umbrella, and what a way to go out it is. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is one of the best games released on the current gen consoles but it is also one of the least Metal Gear games in Kojima history





Going from a somewhat linear game in previous Metal Gear releases to a huge open-world is not an easy task for any game developer to do but with the latest release in the series it seems like this is the only way you could do an ending to such a incredible legacy that the Metal Gear legacy has. The amount of activities and also stupidity crammed into this release boggles my mind and whenever I read something new that gamers have discovered in the game I always use it as an excuse to head back into for more of my regular fix of The Phantom Pain.




The Phantom Pain is that kind of game for me now, after having finished the game, as was intended, and continuing my journey with multiple hours after the credits rolled I still discover new and crazy abilities, items and incidents. You can buy MGS V this year, as the only game you get, and have something to do for the rest of the year, and that my friends is a game of the year contender right there. Gameplay and replay value scales highly in my book whenever I choose my game of the year games and MGS V has mastered both of those.




However, and there is sadly a huge however in this review, as MGS V is not all roses as there are not only hidden gems to be found but also some hidden thorns spread across this beautiful game. The first thing I need to address is the feeling I am left with that this is a rushed product. It is no secret anymore the debacle with Konami and Kojima these last couple of months, if not this last year, and I am sad to announce that some parts of the game shows that there has been something, which to this date I can not put my finger on what specific, but something didn’t go as planned while producing this game and I feel parts of the game has been completely removed for some odd reason and I am eager to see if any of this will come to light later down the line.




The Phantom Pain comes fully equipped to the teeth with 50 campaign missions and over 150 side missions which all in all will keep you entertained for countless hours as all missions have a replay value because you can choose to attack them any way you want. The replay value in this game is beyond anything you have seen before as every run will be different, and the way the A.I is programmed to respond almost like real humans is scary at times. If you choose to plough through most of the game with only head shots the characters will then try to equip themselves with helmets, or if you play a tape of a man revealing himself on the toilet, while you are hiding inside a toilet the guards will not check in there out of disgust of what they may find. It is things like this that makes experimenting with Metal Gear Solid V so much fun. Did I mention you can upgrade your helicopter to play 80s licensed music while it lands or takes off ? At the moment mine is playing AHA with Take on Me, yes, that is a thing in MGS V.




The worst thing about being a reviewer is having to describe a game like Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain to other people without showing it to them. MGS is well known for its crazy antics and wild player-triggered experiences so how do you explain to someone who isn’t familiar with the franchise why they should try out a game like this? How about this, Metal Gear Solid V is so much more than another MGS game, it is nothing like any other MGS game in the form of the actual way the game moves the story forward but it is one of the greatest open-world games to this date. You should try MGS V, even if parts of the game seems like it is missing there is still so much to encounter, so much to do, so much to unlock, so much to experience and so many stories to tell your friends of the amazing and crazy actives you are bound to run into. I can only say this, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain isn’t the best MGS game but it is the best Game as of now, if that makes sense then go buy the game if it doesn't then still go buy the game.

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