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Review - Tearaway Unfolded

Created on Friday, 25 September 2015


Tearaway is back and this time it gives players who didn't get to experience this beautiful gem of a game when it first released on the Playstation Vita, who owns a Playstation 4, a chance to experience it for themselves. And if you are like me, a grown man with kids or just really into chill out games aimed mostly for kids then there is no reason for you not to pick this up. Even if you played the original there are new stuff and new ways to play on the Playstation 4 that makes the game worth a second play through





When Tearaway released on the Playstation Vita it implemented the touch control on the Vita perfectly so I was eager to see how the developers would use the Playstation 4 since Tearaway leans heavily on not only being a platformer but more of a experimental platformer where touch controls have been the bread and butter, and I am happy to say that the implementation of the touch pad and now a tablet makes Tearaway Unfolded, in my case, and even more interesting experience.




Media Molecule is best know for their work on the LittleBigPlanet franchise, so I didn't really doubt their ability to do something new and innovating this time around but lets start with the addition of a tablet. If you have a tablet laying around you can use the Playstation app with Tearaway Unfolded which then gives you the ability to draw on a tablet and send the images directly to your game. Not only can you draw but you can also snap pictures which will then show up in the game on different platformers or surroundings.




Without the tablet you can use a Playstation camera if you have one of those, and this way you are the goal of the game seeing as the end of the game is to reach the breach far in the distance, with the camera on however it is constantly showing whatever is in front of the camera in that breach. Now this is a addition that older gamers might not get a kick out of but my kids loved it. Also being able to have one of my kids use the controller while the other fiddled with the tablet saved me a lot of arguments between the two as any parent with more than one kid can relate to I am sure.




Using the Playstation 4 controllers touch pad to draw on is also an option but this isn't the best addition to the game as the touch pad is far too small to draw anything on, add the fact that if you lift your finger off the pad the game just fills in whatever blanks you may have forgotten which usually leads to a crown for example looking more like a wiggly dot, but as mentioned earlier you can use a tablet to draw on which makes everything a lot easier and a lot more fun. Whatever you choose to draw in the game will show back up later on in the game which is also a nice addition.




As far as the story goes it is well put together, in my case as I played with my kids the story was interesting enough for them to get behind but maybe the lack of different enemies might have gotten tiresome after a while seeing as there really isn’t much difference in the enemies you encounter. However the combat makes those things kind of irrelevant as they mix up the enemies enough for there to be multiple ways you need to master before you can tackle them.




As you progress through the game you unlock different abilities such as the standard jumping abilities, but also wind mechanics which means if you drag your finger across the touch pad a gust of wind blows through the map and rearranges different structures and can knock enemies out the way. You can also use the wind ability to help you solve different puzzles along the map which was also a nice feature, some of them are rather easy while others might take you a few tries before you nail them.


Tearaway Unfolded-PS4-screenshot-06


If you die in Tearaway Unfolded it has an instant respawn ability which turns your character into a stamp on a postcard which then gets delivered to the nearest checkpoint which are usually pretty fair with their placements. I never ran into an incident where I had to backtrack or redo huge parts of the map whenever I died which is always a great way to handle death in games like this.


Tearaway Unfolded-PS4-screenshot-10


Tearaway Unfolded looks absolutely beautiful, the hand-crafted paper artwork in the game is absolutely stunning and filled with life and colour. The way you can manipulate certain items and scenarios also adds to the incredible work of art that is this game. For a game like this it is one of the more visually beautiful ones and it was a share joy experiencing the entire game from start to finish.


Tearaway Unfolded-PS4-screenshot-11


Tearaway Unfolded is a great game that more people should take the time to experience. There are some new features and new puzzles and scenes to get people who played the Vita version back, but if you are new to the series and are looking for a chill out platformer game, or if you have kids and want them to enjoy a chill game then Tearaway Unfolded is definitely a guaranteed hit.

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