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Review - Goat Simulator (PS4)

Created on Tuesday, 25 August 2015


How would you feel if I said to you that you could become a goat for as long as you like, you would probably look at me weird and walk across the road and try to avoid me in the future, but what if I added that this would only be available to you through the wonderful magic of video games. Yes, thanks to video games we can now all experience what it truly would be like to be a goat. After years of trucking (no pun intended) through different simulator games since almost the beginning of gaming we finally get what we all came here to see and experience, Goat Simulator on current-gen consoles





I have to admit that I had already played Goat Simulator on the PC before I took it upon myself to review Goat Simulator for the PS4, so I knew what I was getting myself into, but I also remembered how perfect I thought this game would be for the kids in the family, so I boldly took this review not even considering the fact that I would also have to produce a review for a game about being a goat.




Goat Simulator is everything it claims to be, you control a goat, you can head butt, make goat sounds and skip along while walking, but this is also where the comparison to the real thing ends as Goat Simulator also drops you into one of two living, breathing cities in which you are free to explore and reek as much havoc as goatly possible. Also did I mention that you can add items to your goat, like... I don't know... how about a jet pack!




You see already at this part of the review you are probably left with two opinions, either you are shaking your head and about to stop reading this review, thinking “what have video games become?” or you remind yourself that this is games we are talking about, weird has always been an undertone. If you need a good time waster, say for example you do not have hours upon hours to play games, maybe you are like me, an adult with a family of your own and your gaming habits have significantly shrunken the last couple of years, and you just want to pop something on really quick and have fun for an hour then Goat Simulator might be right up your alley.




Matter of fact, include the kids as I did, they absolutely loved it, and sometimes that is the best way to see if something works or not, something you might find annoying and dumb they probably love. As I mentioned earlier I had already played Goat Simulator and knew what it was before this review so I knew it was entertaining in smaller doses, but this isn’t a game you keep grinding at for days on end. Although that is not saying you couldn't because this is a sandbox in which the only thing that adds up is your overall score which then gets added to an overall leader board so you could easily try and compete there and milk the game for what it is worth.




Goat Simulator is clearly a game for a certain audience, it is a beautifully entertaining time waster for anyone who just want to fill an hour or so now and again, and Goat Simulator is every kids dream game. There are glitches but you won't care as soon as you start traversing through the different cities because this is more about experience and entertainment than anything else. Goat Simulator isn’t a G.O.A.T simulator, it is Goat Simulator, not the greatest of all time but certain the best in its own genre.  

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