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Review - Submerged

Created on Tuesday, 25 August 2015


Uppercut Games is a small independent game developer studio who recently released their latest game called Submerged. A game about a sister trying to save her wounded brother in a waste open water world armed with only a telescope it is your job to scale the buildings and find what you need to help your brother



Submerged Screenshot 01


Submerged is a “third-person combat-free game” where your only task is to explore a water world in search of food supplies to aid your wounded brother. To do so you need to use your boat and telescope to find buildings that may contain what you need. To get to the top of the buildings, which is usually where the aid is, you need to traverse them which is basically the meat of the gameplay in Submerged. Besides that there are objects hidden around the world which piece by piece gives you more back story as to what happened and why things are the way they are.


Submerged Screenshot 02


I love reviewing indie games, this is why we have an entire section on our website dedicate to indie developers as we love trying out new games that might fly under the radar of most people or simply being overshadowed by the bigger triple A budget games. Reviewing independent games such as this one is can also be a bit of a problem as you need to review the game a totally different way that you would a triple A budget game. You need to take into consideration that the money might not be flowing and the staff might not be hundreds if not thousands of people. But as with any independent game we give everyone a fair shake and if we do not like them we urge you to go check out other reviews too if you still want to try them out as we want nothing more than for independent game developers to become a huge part of our wonderful industry


Submerged Screenshot 03


Submerged is a beautiful game, it is also incredible relaxing knowing you are about to review a game that doesn’t include combat or weapons. There is something soothing and relaxing about floating around this beautiful city, and that feeling of never knowing what you might stumble upon is always lingering which is also a great addition to any games like this. The game also has mysterious inhabitants called Remnants which you will encounter.


Submerged Screenshot 04


The gameplay aspect comes into play as soon as you leave your boat and start climbing buildings, it is easy to navigate as you only need to use the analog stick to make your character move across gaps, or climb up or down vines and buildings blocks. The puzzle element comes into play when you need to figure out how to get to the top of a certain building.


Submerged Screenshot 05


Remember when I said that it is sometimes difficult to review indie games, well this is one of those instances. The problem for me with Submerged is that it quickly becomes too repetitive, lets face it, the only real story missions here is to locate the building with the supplies for your brother, climb it to the top, collect it and bring it back to him. Sure the game has a story lingering underneath with back stories slowly being unlocked, and this is all great but there is something about taking away the tension at times, when you know you can't die, when you know you can't fall down a building you climbed up, there really isn’t any tension left, and without tension the things you do sometimes can feel more repetitive than entertaining. Like you are playing the game but your head is somewhere else, and that was the case for me with Submerged a few times, I had to pull myself back into the game because as soon as I started climbing I kind of zoned off thinking about everything but the game.


Submerged Screenshot 07


Now don’t get me wrong, it is not a bad game at all, it is a relaxing experience more than anything else, and I wasn’t expecting triple A budget type game either so it is not like I am hard on the game for being developed by a smaller team, it is just the simple fact that after some time I felt it all became repetitive and not all that entertaining. You however might get a completely different view of the game if you played it so I suggest you go watch some gameplay videos of the game yourself to see if there is something here interesting you and if so then great because as I always say when ending a independent game review, we love independent game developers here at The Gamers Paradise and we always will.

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