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Review - God of War III Remastered

Created on Monday, 03 August 2015


I have played all the God of War games, and I still remember my jaw dropping when I first played God of War back on the Playstation 2. God of War 2 however was the game that made this one of my favourite series on the Playstation and I continued to follow the series as it progressed. And here I am, years later, replaying God of War 3 for the second time, on a Playstation 4 and wondering if it is all worth it





My problem with the God of War series after the second one was that as I grew older I realized that Kratos wasn’t really a likeable protagonist, he is always angry, hates everyone and was, in my mind, the biggest egocentric gaming hero I have ever controlled. But still, there was something addictive about taking down huge Greek Gods one by one. My issue became larger and larger as the years passed by, maybe it was the amount of different games I had played during this time opposed to before I started reviewing games, but I felt that I had been here and done that on numerous occasions.




Now I see the irony of that last statement as this is a remake of a game I have already beaten, but one of the biggest annoyances for me with God of War 3 back then was the double jump feature where you jump once regularly and tap the jump button again to spread your wings and fly, which 8 out of 10 times would always fail for me, I would jump, press the jump button again to fly over a cliff only to see Kratos do nothing and just pummel to the ground having my game forcing me to redo scenes over and over again and again.




I do not punish a game for being to difficult, I review the Souls series for god sakes, and I am a firm believe that if a game is too difficult for me to handle someone else should review it. I know I am getting older and my reflexes aren’t what they used to be, hell Mario games makes me nervous nowadays, but when a game mechanic causes me to fail a mission that is when my frustration starts to build. So I was hoping this issue was resolved with the release of the Remastered version but sadly it was not.




Another gripe I had with God of War 3 was the quick time events, now I am not a fan of quick-time events but I have grown accustomed to them as I have played the different God of War games and they all had them in there, but when you mix in the analog sticks into it the entire deal just becomes a nightmare for me personally. This as I just stated is a personal preference and you might enjoy this feature but I have never been a fan, but then again it doesn’t retract from the overall feelings I have of the game.




Because God of War 3 is a great conclusion to a long series, I felt that the ending, after having it rerun in the back of my head a second time, filled in all the gaps I was previously oblivious too. Without spoiling anything for you the reader I would just say that the ending gave me a somewhat different view of Kratos as a character, not totally changing my opinion on the guy but changed it.




The remastered part of the experience is well done, it looks great and besides the double jump issue I controls fine. The stages looks like they have been remastered and not just polished which is always a nice thing when you put Remastered on the box. With 1080p and a frame rate that boosts 60FPS at your eyeballs there is enough spectacle and eye candy for you all to enjoy, and if you are like me and played the PS3 release and you are really into graphics it is a good enough reason to head back into it. Except for one thing, it seems as though the cutscenes haven't been touched which is kind of a let down. 




The photo mode is another great feature added into the Remastered version and I spent numerous time fiddling and playing around with the different modes trying to find the most insane or intense moments and capture them with different filters and whatnot. IF this is something you enjoy playing around with the God of War 3 Remastered Photo Mode is a good addition.




God of War 3 Remastered is a great game if you haven't already played the previous version, if you have played the previous version but wants improvement graphically and frame rate then it is still right up your alley. And if you haven't played a God of War game before I still suggest you get the God of War HD Collection and play through those first before digging your claws into this but you are free to do whatever you want, all I am saying is this was a great way for me personally to say goodbye to the beautiful God of War franchise.  

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