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Review - Journey PS4

Created on Monday, 03 August 2015


Journey was to me the most beautiful experience I had ever experienced on a Playstation when I first played Journey back when it released on the Playstation 3, so when I got word there was a new improved version about to release for the Playstation 4 I was first in line to request a review code, and the day it popped into my mail I knew that evening would become special



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Journey is a game that you either are going to absolutely love and adore or you simply not going to get it. You are not going to hate it you are just not going to get why people are so excited about it. I remember the first time I played Journey and found out the person who popped into my game was another real life player I had to replay the game immediately. And you can replay the game numerous time as the experience in itself is about a couple of hours depending on how thorough you are.




So when I booted up the PS4 version of Journey I knew that I would once again meet real life players, maybe some of them would be completely new to the experience and I  would get to guide them through this beautiful adventure only by using one button to communicate. If you know nothing about Journey you should know that this is a online multiplayer game, you can choose to play and cooperate with other players but you are not forced to. You can also not communicate with them like you would in a normal multiplayer game you can only signal them by “singing” or “chirping”, it sounds weird I know but once you start playing you will know what I mean.




As soon as the game starts up you are in the middle of a desert with only a huge light-beam in the distance, no instructions what to do or where to go but you just starts putting two and two together and start walking towards the beam. Along the way you might find other travellers such as yourself wandering along this open world and you can choose to follow them or ignore them, these are the real life players just like you that I previously mentioned.




You have the ability to jump, and early in the game you get a short scarf that in time gets longer and longer and it lights up, when it is lit up this means you can jump and fly for a short period of time, the longer the scarf grows the longer you get airtime, simple but extremely effective. And that is all I want to share about the actual gameplay as experiencing it for yourself is really what makes this experience so incredibly beautiful.




The music in Journey is some of the most beautiful and intense I have ever experienced in my life of gaming, and I started gaming back in the 80s. The way the tone of the music helps tell a story what kind of scenario you are in is just incredible. So much work has been put into making the music help guide the player and much respect to anyone and everyone who worked on making this a reality.




Combine the beautiful music with the incredible graphics and you have one of the most beautiful if not the most beautiful experience in gaming today, and with this release on the Playstation 4 it is even better, and I didn't think they would be able to do that but they did. There are scenes and places in Journey that will have you hitting that PS4 Share Button, if not to share the screenshots with other at least you want to save the screenshot simply because it is stunning. If I didn’t have another player with me I would have gone through and just picked up screenshots.  




Whenever you finish the game, you should sit through the end credits because at the end of the credits is the names of the people you played with, so maybe you can get in touch with them and share your feelings on the experience that way. I took a picture of the people I played with and shared it in hopes that someone would pass the note to them that I really enjoyed every minute they shared with me in the game.  




I know I have probably used the word “experience” too many times in this review but I feel it is the best way to describe this game, Journey is an experience, and you need to play through it in one sitting without distractions. I love Journey, I loved it when I first played it on the PS3 and I still love it replaying it now on my PS4. There is something incredible difficult about explaining the experience to you so I just hope that if you have any doubts in your mind and you are willing to trust me on this then go play Journey now and maybe I will meet you in the game and we can enjoy the experience together.  

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