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Review - Trials Fusion Awesome Level Max

Created on Monday, 03 August 2015

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I have been an Trials fan since the first game released, since then I have laughed, cried, broken controllers and rejoiced, so who better than me to get my grabby paws on the new DLC from Red Lynx. I have played games since the late 80s but it is the first time I jumped onto the back of a unicorn as a kitty with a golden clock, and this is my review for Trials Fusion Awesome Level Max for the PS4


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I got the entire package for review, meaning I got all the previous DLC which I had already played so this review will focus mainly on the Awesome Level Max DLC, which to be honest is why you are here in the first place. For the first time ever in a Trials game, or in any other games, you take the control over a cat riding a unicorn, the cat has a golden glock which he doesn’t use or fire at any time but the unicorn sometimes shoots fire, so there is that.


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The campaign is set with eight different tracks, where you literally go through numerous of stages on the back of the unicorn, and at one point you leave earth and go into outer space, where you also fight a giant robot in a boss battle, yeah a boss battle in Trials! The entire campaign is rather short compared to previous releases but it packs enough insanity to last a life time. The different sights and objectives are so far out there it is hard to describe and best experienced for yourself.




The handling however is somewhat problematic at first, seeing as the unicorn somewhat handles as a bike would yet it is a unicorn and the animations aren’t perfect. But that put aside it is still you, on a unicorn as a cat for god sakes! All Trials games are a set of (no pun intended) trials and tribulations, and Awesome Level Max is no different as you are rushing through portals through different levels on the back of a unicorn shooting flames.




The unicorn can't sadly be used on other tracks but as mentioned earlier has a set of tracks which you can replay over and over again and again to get that perfect score or just to relive some of the insanity that you quickly passed through.


TFAL art AwesomeMAX KeyArt e3 150615 4pm PT 1434362192


Included in the package is 22 tracks which is basically half of what Red Lynx has put together and half of what the community has put together, which gives the overall value of the game some more solid grounds to stomp their hoofs in, again though you cant use the unicorn in these tracks but they are still insane none the less. If you haven't tried some of the community made ones I highly suggest you do that as some of them are on the level of Red Lynx's ones.

Also included to sweeten the deal even more are outfits and unlockables for you to decorate your bikes and riders with.


trialsfmx 01


Given that, it's a bit of a travesty that you're limited to only using the unicorn in those eight levels. I fully understand why this is done but still, it would have been fun trying it out on a few more different tracks. But sadly can't go out and destroy your friends best time with the handicap of using the unicorn and putting them to shame. Because lets face it, nobody wants to be outdone by a cat riding a unicorn.


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The Awesome Max Edition is the perfect version to get if you haven't already gotten the DLCs or if this is your first time diving into a Trials game. For experienced riders who has all the previous DLC this deal might not be all that great depending on what you are after, but for me it gave me another great reason to play some more Trials which is always a welcoming experience in my mind.

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