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Review - Citizens of Earth

Created on Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Citizens of Earth is a game that might remind you of another game, that is somewhat similar and is hailed within the gaming community as a hidden gem and goes by the name of Earthbound. It is difficult to not draw the comparisons between these two games although yet similar they are completely different and unique in their own ways.





How would you feel if you were task with the job of not only being Vice President of a country but Vice President of Earth, quite the task isn’t it. This is what you get to play as in Citizens of Earth, Vice President of Earth. But you will not be alone on the job as you can recruit helpers to aid you in your task, because lets face it, no one man should have all this power.




To successfully do your job you need to help out the citizens and do side-quests for them, and to find the citizens in need you need to explore the town and finish the chores they set for you. This is not an easy task however as there are numerous enemies spread across town that wants nothing more than to engage you in combat, so if you thought you could just stroll around time at your own pace, explore without interruption, you are sadly mistaken as the amount of enemy encounters you get just by going from point A to point B on the map are sometimes overwhelming.




As soon as an enemy get close to you a combat screen appears and the game turns into a turn-based combat scene with an energy system in place to keep the combat somewhat levelled and fair. It is also a good idea to switch up your attacks and defence strategies during the different encounters as you unlock new followers to keep them levelled equally in case you want to switch some of them out over time, and you probably will.




The dialogue in the game is what saves it at times, there were times when I was frustrated with the entire experience I was having at that specific time and place in the game, where a piece of dialogue just reminded me that it wasn’t all serious business, but more fun and games. Which was nice to have break up the repetitive gameplay the game sometimes suffers from. In my mind the dialogue and the characters saves the overall experience in a major way.




The main problem I had with the game is how the missions are laid out to you, and the lack of instructions you are given on each mission you get. There are missions that are so subtle that you will literally spend hours just trying to figure out what you are supposed to do to finish this set mission. It is sort of a puzzle in itself, which is fine in certain games, but in games like this, where you are constantly running into enemies when you are just trying to explore and find out what you are supposed to do it is easy for it to go from interesting and entertaining to somewhat frustrating at times.




Besides from the dialogue the characters themselves is also a nice carrot on a stick as far as keeping you involved and entertained. They give you that extra push to plough through some of the repetitive combat scenes you are bound to encounter numerous times, just so you can unlock new party members and once you do the combat gets a fresh coat of paint again until you have seen everything that character has to offer, and you want to go out and recruit new ones.




After hours of playing Citizens of Earth I found there was as mentioned two main reasons that I wanted to stay invested in the game, the dialogue between the characters and the characters themselves. They did in my mind save the entire experience from being too repetitive and frustrating, even though I felt that also during my play-through, the dialogue and the characters helped the game feel fresh and interesting. Also you have to give the developers respect for trying out this formula on todays gaming audience as this is a type of game that you rarely see getting a new I.P nowadays. It is nice to see this type of game getting exposure and hopefully gets the props it truly deserves.

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