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Review - Far Cry 4

Created on Thursday, 11 December 2014


Far Cry 3 turned everyone from hater to lover regarding the Far Cry franchise, the previous two releases was mediocre at best in my mind and to see the developers release Far Cry 3 and have it be as good and entertaining as it was felt like a dream come through. I played way too much of Far Cry 3 and was overly excited to get to try out Far Cry 4, but can too much of anything be good for you?



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Yes, Far Cry 4 looks better than Far Cry 3 did, maybe not a surprise to most as this is the first Far Cry release on the current gen consoles but in my mind it doesn’t matter how good a game looks if it doesn’t have entertaining content in it, Watch Dogs was an example of that, the game looked absolutely beautiful but after a few hours I was bored with the whole thing, and Far Cry 4 is similar to Watch Dogs in that sense, not saying it is boring but it looks beautiful, is an open world game and this is a dangerous combination but luckily, Far Cry 4 is just as fun as Far Cry 3 was. Question is, do you want more Far Cry 3 ?




Far Cry 4 is very similar to Far Cry 3, there are a lot of new content in Far Cry 4 but the feel of the game overall reminds me a lot of Far Cry 3, but luckily for me I wasn't tired of Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4 just scratched that right itch for me, it is absolutely the most entertaining open-world out there as far as user created content goes, and with that I mean you create your own fun simply be exploring this beautiful place.


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The random events you run into in Far Cry 4 are just as funny as previous Far Cry games, the open-world has always been a huge sandbox filled with random events waiting to be unleashed. There are new animals to play with, new outposts to take over, new enemies to destroy, new protagonists and a brand new story line that actually manages to carry the story to the end unlike my experience with Far Cry 3's story, I felt the ending ruined some of the magic for me, but Far Cry 4 made it all feel better.




Did you know that if you wait around in the first scene in the game something happens? Go try it out for yourself as we will not spoil anything for you if you haven't already had it spoiled for you.




Pagan Min is the perfect bad-guy, he is polite and gentle one second than turn into a complete ruthless beast with the flick of the wrist, sadly though he doesn't show up enough during the story however you will get to hear his voice throughout your play through of the game but I would appreciate it if he showed up in person more, but that is a personal nitpick of mine.




The basics are pretty similar as you need to hunt animals and skin them to upgrade your equipment and I think most people play the game the way I do and that is take off running the opposite way as soon as you get out of the first cut-scenes and explore. There are so much stuff to do in this game besides the story and as soon as you hit the map button your brain will implode when you realize just how much there is on this island, the map is literally littered with icons and you are better off filtering out what you need which luckily can be done and you will find things a lot easier that way.




But as with Far Cry 3, you usually set a way-point and find something you want to track down and you set off, but by the time you get to your way-point you will have experience and encountered so much random actives that it will probably take you hours just getting from point a to point b, this is, as with any open-world game, not a bad thing by any means it just gives the game that much more re-playability.




Once you get the hang of the new driving mechanics you will enjoy driving and shooting a lot more than you probably did with Far Cry 3, as the developers have altered the driving mechanics to instead of pushing down the right trigger you use the left stick, think Halo and you might easier get behind it, it takes some time getting used to but it makes the shooting a lot easier and more accessible, but if you prefer the previous mechanics you can easily switch back which is a great addition.




Far Cry 4 is Far Cry 3 in some sense, it is not the same game but there are many similarities, however Far Cry 4 is still a more powerful and meat filled game overall. Everything you liked in Far Cry 3 seems to have been not only implemented but also tweaked and improved for the better. It looks better, it controls better, and there are more side activities than any other open-world game out there, that last statement might be a stretch but just wait until you see the map for the first time.




Far Cry 4 is a great addition to the series, the development time wasn't anywhere near the leap between 2 and 3 and some of that shows but when you have a winning formula you should just improve on it instead of trying to alter it in my mind. This is however more Far Cry and if that idea scares you off then this might not be the game for you, however if you want more Far Cry then this is it right here. I would like something else for Far Cry 5 though but as of now Far Cry 4 is just what I needed after I finished Far Cry 3.

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