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Review - WWE 2K15

Created on Thursday, 11 December 2014


The WWE franchise was once the biggest entertainment enterprise in the world but since the late 90s early 2000 the company, still successful, has seen some lower numbers as far as viewers go. The WWE gaming franchise has also taken a hit these last few years and me personally, since I have been with the series from its humble beginnings, was nervous when I got word that I was reviewing the latest addition to the franchise, WWE 2K15.





I grew up on wrestling, I got hooked on it back in the late 80s and remember watching VHS tapes of wrestling and being amazed that something this crazy could be real, because back then we didn’t have the internet to tell us that it is all scripted, we believe the wrestlers hated each other while nowadays you can follow them on twitter and watch videos and pictures of heels and faces celebrating thanksgiving together, it isn’t what it used to be for me personally but that is mainly because I am older and somewhat wiser now.




My favourite wrestling game of all time is still Here Comes the Pain, I remember spending hours and hours creating my own stories within the game and any time I had some spare time I would use it on that game. Since then I have followed the series and played everything the WWE has pumped out since then but the latest addition really hasn’t captivated my attention the way Here Comes the Pain did, again partially because I am getting older, but my main problem was how they destroyed the story mode which was always my favourite part of the series.


Goldust Ent SS 1


Don’t worry, there is still a huge set of different modes to mess around with and playing WWE 2K15 with friends is still as fun as ever, also the game has never looked better with the technology of this current gen graphics this is by far the prettiest wrestling game ever made. The people tasked with creating the visuals for WWE 2K15 deserves all the praise because they really did a beautiful job. Leading up to the release WWE teased us with all the fancy real-life faces and the movement, which seemed to be the main draw this time around.




Missing from the series is something that I have spent numerous hours playing around with and have enjoyed multiple hours of others created content too, which is the create a story mode which is sadly no longer a part of the game. Why they decided to remove it is beyond me as it was one of the best things with the series lately in my mind.


wwe ss 34


The story mode returns in WWE 2K15 but this was another let down for me as it felt rushed and it seemed like this mode wasn’t a priority for this release. Lack of cut scenes, interesting story angles and the amount of time it takes before you even get to the WWE was almost too much for me. Once I did get the phone call or text that I was apart of the WWE though it all just withered down to a one on one match with these set stipulations, complete them and move on, no love, no hate no nothing.


wwe ss 36


Another new addition to the series is the mini-games you have to do before the match takes off, earlier you heard the bell and you were off to beat the living hell out of your opponent, this year however they decided to throw in this mini-games at the start of a match to make it a fair chance for anyone to get the upper hand early on in the match. The stamina meter introduced in WWE 2K15 is better than previous additions but it is sadly not enough to keep the matches feel fluid enough and it all became a series of attacks, waiting for your opponent to get out of their set move and then attack again, hoping for a 3 count just to move on to the next one, rinse and then repeat.




I love wrestling still to this day, even though I am old and a lot of people laugh at that fact, there is still something magical when wrestling is done right. Having a game that caters to that was always great when the TV shows started to feel stale for me, but it seems as though I have grown apart from those as well. I know I will be back next year though with my hat out wanting more and hoping they focus on the story line and remove the mini-games at the beginning of the match and I might once again become a fan, but as of now it just sadly feels as too little too late.

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