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Review - Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

Created on Friday, 28 November 2014


Love it or hate it Call of Duty is still on top, the franchise may have lost some of its spark over the last couple of years, mainly with the release of last years Ghosts, but with the newest release in the Call of Duty franchise entitled Advanced Warfare Sledgehammer Games and Activision tries to reignite the incredible sales franchise that is Call of Duty.





It seems like anyone who likes to call themselves a gamer nowadays need a opinion on the Call of Duty franchise, me personally I just enjoy good games and there has been a lot of good Call of Duty games. I remember playing the original Call of Duty back when it first released and being blown away by that game, it is still to this day a game I hold high as far as nostalgia and WW2 FPS. This is also why I still to this day enjoy the story mode or campaign mode usually more than I do the multiplayer modes.


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This is a weird preference, I know, as COD multiplayer is now the be all end all for FPS multiplayer games go. But the stories of the COD has always been one of the more overlooked aspects of the game and I was sad to see that Ghosts seemed to put more effort into creating a great multiplayer game than a great story driven game with multiplayer mode attached to it. This is a creative way that I fully understand seeing as the multiplayer mode of the games are some of the most played games online today.




So I was happy to get to try out Advanced Warfare's campaign mode and I am even more excited to tell you that it is one of the best ones they have made in a long time. New this time around are mainly the exo suits which basically gives you the ability to take the controls of a super soldier without it being too cartoon y. Each suit gives the player new abilities and skills to play around with and it keeps the gameplay aspect fresh and yet approachable.




See a good COD story mode usually keeps you on your toes and from the moment you jump into the action it never really lets you go until the end credits roll. Ghosts I personally felt used more cinematic to try and keep the players entertained but it still felt repetitive and to be quiet honest, rather boring. But Advanced Warfare manages to keep each mission entertaining and interesting and this makes me once again extremely positive for the future of the series.




Have you seen Kevin Spacey in this game yet? If you haven't you probably already know that he is in the game simply because it was hyped a lot before the game released, and for good reasons. Kevin Spacey is an excellent actor and with these incredible graphics not only does his voice work shine through but also his facial expressions as it seems the series has had a lot of work being put into creating some of the best facial features and characters I have ever seen in a game. The rest of the cast is also well put together and you can get your gamer dose of Troy Baker as he blesses the game with his glorious presence as well. Put all of this together with the brilliant soundtrack that has been put into the game and you have a wild ride in front of you as far as the campaign mode goes.




Now if the story mode doesn’t sell you on the idea of picking up a new COD game then the multiplayer mode certainly will. It is maybe the best it has ever been in the series. Everything you missed in Ghosts has been not only implemented into Advanced Warfare but also improved, and with the addition of boosts there is enough new features to keep the game feeling new yet familiar and you will know what that means if you played a previous COD game before in your life.




The new maps are all scaled differently and are diverse enough to set them apart. They seem to be packed with good spots and yet being open enough for it not to become a campers wet dream. I have another really weird kink when it comes to COD games and I am extremely happy to tell you that the simulated multiplayer mode with bots are back which basically gives you the feeling of playing online, with an additional player next to you, without constantly being destroyed by players multiple levels above you, because we all know how COD's multiplayer feels after it has been released for a few weeks.


Call of Duty Advanced Warfare screenshot


Writing a review for a COD game is usually an easy task, and luckily Advanced Warfare makes this a whole lot easier for me, it is really as simple as this, if you like COD games then you are going to absolutely love Advanced Warfare. If you played previous games but have fallen off lately this is the time to get back into it, and last but not least, if you hate the series you will probably not like this either but in my mind you are really missing out because this might be one of the best games in the series.

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