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Review - Destiny

Created on Monday, 22 September 2014


How is it possible for a game to be consider the game of the generation, before it even releases, to even get a fair chance once people get their hands on it. Enter Destiny, a game so hyped that there was not chance in hell it would be able to come near the hype, reviewers have been hard on it, gamers have been hard on it, but I might just see things a little differently, and this is why I like that I hate Destiny and this is why I hate that I like Destiny.





First things first, how do you even categorize a game like Destiny, it is a first person shooter, that is 80% multiplayer focused, it has the ability to team up with strangers whenever you want and it is an open world kind of like an MMO, add the ability to level up and get loot and you might put some RPG in there too. So it is a FPSMMORPG...? No, not really. Even though the game have all of those features that you might want to put into a specific genre it doesn’t really matter, because whatever genre you can label it with it really all comes down to if the game is fun or not doesn’t it? And my answer is yes but also no, it all depends on where I am in the game when you ask me that question.




You see I hate Destiny, I hate playing Destiny and I hate missions in Destiny, but I think about Destiny when I am not playing Destiny. I love Destiny when I finish a mission, I love Destiny when I get some new armour, weapons etc. I love destiny when a cut-scenes slowly lifts the veil that is covering the story of the game like if it was the plague, so I hate that I love Destiny.




I will be honest, I have played through the game solo, yes alone. I know, I know, you are not supposed to do that, it ruins the experience, it was meant to be played with other people, and this is why you hate it, I can hear your anger already. But trust me, I have heard more complaints about the game from people who have gone through the story with others, while the few of us that finished the game solo know why that is the way to do it, allow me to explain.




The thing with Destiny is that if you team up with friends and play through it, it quickly becomes a Diablo game in the fact that you are just using the game to converse with your friends without aimlessly looking out into nothing. It becomes something to do in the background more than in the foreground which it should be, it becomes a mindless shooter. However, if you play the game solo you do not have the ability to think about anything else because death is literally lurking around every corner, I found out that people had finished mission in minutes where I literally spent hours on the same mission. I died almost every time when I entered a dark zone where there are no re-spawns, nobody was there to resurrect me so imagine the many times I have done the bosses over and over again and again.




So you might ask yourself, why bother? Why crawl through a game when you can team up with your friends and blast your way through and climb the level ladder faster than if you solo and then hit the level cap hours and maybe days before you.... oh. Yes, that is it right there, by going through the game solo, no matter how incredibly frustrating and annoying it can be at times, most times to be honest, the feeling you get once you finish a mission is reminiscence of what I feel while playing a Dark Souls or Demon Souls game, not to compare the two. The way I am able to milk the game for what it is worth, and the way I can head into a horde of enemies alone and just tackle them one by one, and the more I played it like this the more I realized that it is really the true way to head into this game, at least it is the most rewarding way.




Because even though up until now in the review I have been nothing but positive, and the fact that I said that I love to hate the game but I also hate to love the game is still true, and the hate comes in the form of the mission structures, the missions are incredible repetitive and you can easily sum up 80% of the mission by saying this, you enter a planet that you have already visited numerous times before, you head out to find some data that your ghost buddy can encrypt, while your ghost encrypts the data enemies respawn, sometimes with a larger enemy, and you need to clear them out, once that is done and your ghost got the data you are sent back to the tower to sell, buy, upgrade your character and then rinse and repeat. And that is how most of the missions are laid out.




The most important reason why I was able to go through the story and the endless re-spawning of enemies as certain areas was the fact that Bungie knows how to make the combat feel great. The shooting in the game is by far the best part of the game, and that is lucky as it is the main thing you will focus on throughout the game. Because you can forget about the story, as it wraps up nothing at the end, it will leave you confused, and the collectable cards you get throughout the game that are supposed to help you with the lore on the website really only leave you with more questions than you already had. There are some exciting cut-scenes that helps to reveal some of the meat of the story but hardly not enough to make you feel for any of the characters at all which is a big blunder on the part of Bungie in my eyes.




Bungie has also thrown in a multiplayer PvP mode where you can take on other players to level up or to win some new gear, and the matches are basic multiplayer shooter modes like Team Deathmatch, Free-For-All, Control etc. The character you play in the story is the same character you pull into the multiplayer mode which leaves you out of touch if you are below level 20, because the matchmaking isn’t all up to par. The first time I tried it I was level 7 and the lowest player besides me was level 16 and the highest was 24 so you might already know how that one turned out, I didn’t even manage to start running before colours and flashing animation of another character left me dead in the ground without me knowing really what killed me.




Destiny is a mixed bag, and If you read my entire review I hope it will make the decision if you should pick the game up or not easier for you. As I started the review I will end on the same note, I hate that I love Destiny but I love that I hate Destiny, and if that doesn't make sense to you then you haven't read my review and you just want to get to the conclusion, but the conclusion isn’t as easy as a few finish lines in a review this time around, Destiny is a complex game and it needs an entire review to explain why you should or shouldn't pick it up and jump on the hype train.

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