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Review - Tekken 7



If you have been around for at least a few years in the gaming industry, either as a writer or just a fan of video games you know there are two fighting games that everyone mentions when asked if they can name some, one is Street Fighter the other, is Tekken. I remember spending way too much time with one specific Tekken game while I was stationed in the Army because all they had was a dusty old Playstation and one game, Tekken 2. But years have passed and here we are ready to explore yet another numbered Tekken game namely Tekken 7.


Review - Tales of Berseria


I love exploring games that I have no previous experiences with, it is like a loot filled chest with everything you always wanted or something you never knew you always wanted, but sometimes that chest grows teeth and starts chasing you and you run away from that chest promising yourself never to return to it. Luckily for me, Tales of Berseria lands in the middle, it is a game I had no idea I would get so into.


Review - Double Dragon 4

dd4 shinchaku thumb

I remember me and my nephew, celebrating a winter holiday at my grandpas house, with a NES and Double Dragon rented from the local video shop. It might have been the greatest weekend of my life. And here we are, I am now a grown man with kids of my own and playing Double Dragon 4 on my Playstation 4...


Review - Yakuza 0


Yakuza is a series of games that I have always had a love hate relationship towards. But with the latest release, Yakuza 0 I am leaning towards love way more than I have ever before


Review - Civilization VI


For nearly 30 years Civilization has plagued our gaming world, people have lost time, sleep and not to mention been frustrated, yet in love with a game so simple yet so incredible deep and time demanding it is sometimes hard to see how this game can be sold at a regular price and not a yearly amount. I have always felt somewhat guilty when asked how much time I have spent with a certain Civilization game, and I usually lie and tell them half of the time I have spent and they still think it is way too much, if they only knew... So you might have already guessed that I love this franchise, and have for a very long time so it was with fear and joy that I took it upon myself, in the most busy time of the year (Christmas) to review Civilization VI...


Review - Dishonored 2


I have always been a huge fan of the stealth-based game genre, and Dishonored was one of my favourite games the year it released. It played through it numerous times with different experiences each time and with the release of Dishonored 2 I was overexcited to once again see what this series had in stores for me this year. However, I didn't expect it to be even better than its previous release in every way possible.


Review - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Special Edition)

maxresdefault 1

The Elder Scrolls is one of my top game series of all time, as with most fans I started my love for the series with the release of Oblivion but has since then gone back and played Morrowind. So when Skyrim was announced I was beyond excited and here we are, years later and I am reviewing one of the greatest experiences of all time all over again but this time on a Playstation 4 with the release of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition.


Review - Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare


It is time for a new Call of Duty, love it or hate it but it is still one of the most successful franchise in gaming history and you can never take that away from them. And speaking of love and hate, there has always been those feeling whenever you speak on a new Call of Duty release as you have you haters from the start who don't enjoy the games and instantly hate on them before they even release and you have the opposite team which are Call of Duty purists and claim this is the gift from God when it comes to FPS. Luckily for me I belong to none of these camps as I always try something before I make up my mind about it.


Review - Modern Warfare Remastered


I remember playing Call of Duty on Playstation 3, and how amazed I was at the visuals for this game. I remember thinking that this would be it, this would be the greatest FPS game ever created, and even though many years have passed since my brain worked like that, the Call of Duty franchise might just have some of the best FPS games in history but one thing is for certain, it is one of the most successful franchise ever created. And here we are, years later and we already got a remake of the forth Call of Duty game, Modern Warfare: Remastered for the Playstation 4.


Review - Skylanders Imaginators


Whenever I am tasked with reviewing a game mainly focused on kids I turn to my own kids, hand them the controllers and just sit back and take notes. Not only what I myself see but how the experience make them feel and how easy it is for them to interact with the game. But whenever a huge package from Activision turns up at our door and I know it is Skylanders season the weekend is usually set and the kids can't get their hands on the game fast enough.


Review - Dragon Quest Builders


What if you took Minecraft and the beloved Dragon Quest universe and mixed them all into one brand new experience? It would probably be the greatest game ever created right? Well, to fans of both games it might be considered that but to anyone the slightest interested in either of the two this would still seem like a perfect fit. Well, Dragon Quest Builders borrows elements from Minecraft and tries to make a new experience out of it and it works, kind of.


Review - WWE 2K17


As a lifelong fan of wrestling dating all the way back to the late 80s when I used to watch wrestling with my grandfather (without my mother knowing it seeing as it was seen upon as real back then) I have tried to withhold my love for the entertainment, but lately my love is slowly dying and the latest wrestling games haven't really done much to keep the spark alive. With 2K taking over control of the latest releases in the now yearly WWE game franchise it has gone from a more arcade entertainment game to a more “realistic” and slow paced package. But even though I have been disappointed year after year since the release of my favourite Here Comes the Pain I haven't stopped hoping this year would be the year they make it all OK again, and this year they do a lot of things right but sadly there are still some leftover jinx from previous games that drags the total experience down a bit for me.


Review - Destiny: Rise of Iron


It is time to return to one of the most talked about games in recent history, we are of course talking about Destiny. Now the name of the game will either bring excitement to you as soon as you hear it or it will bring frustration and annoyance, luckily for me I have always enjoyed Destiny and with the release of The Taken King I still feel as the game is completely changed for the better. But here we are, The Rise of Iron is upon us, the latest expansion to Destiny, but is it enough to have you wipe the dust of your copy of the game?


Review - Filthy Lucre


Have you ever dreamt about being a stealthy burglar? And also being the main character in a Guy Ritchie move? Well Filthy Lucre is as close you'll probably ever get without breaking the law or being that weird guy on the film-set that nobody invited..


Review - Mount & Blade: Warband (PS4)


Mount & Blade: Warband is a stand-alone expansion to the previously released Mount & Blade, and it introduces a new faction, increase political options, giving players the ability to start new factions and brings on-board the ability for multiplayer. Now all of this released on the PC back in 2010, so why are we writing a review of the game just now? Well this is the Playstation 4 version of the game which just released. So the question is as always with games like this, how well can you port a PC game to a console?


Review - Pac-Man Championship Edition 2


Pac-Mans back alright! Again. I can't help but feel like I just wrote a review for a game like this not just a few months ago, but anyway, here we are yet again, another Pac-Man review! This time it is for Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 on the Playstation 4


Review - Jotun: Valhalla Edition


Norse Mythology is something that I personally feel should be explored more in games. We have a few releases so far but nearly not enough if you ask me. There is so much incredible lore that has yet been unexplored so you can imagine my excitement as a Norwegian when I was tasked with reviewing something incredible close to my heart, Jotun, the latest release from Thunder Lotus Games


Review - RIVE


Two Tribes is back with a shrunken down team with their first major release since the downsizing of the primary development team. The name of the game is RIVE, a platforming shoot-em-up which recently released on Wii U, Xbox One, PC, OS X, Linux and the version this review was based upon the PS4. With the same engine as Toki Tori 2+ we get to experience a delightful platformer as we take control of Roughshot the spider tank


Review - Batman: The Telltale Series


Telltale has been seeing great success these last few years and it seems like there is a new Telltale game being released every 6 month, and then a new series announced a month later. Now don't get me wrong, I love the Telltale series at the moment and I feel we need as many of these as they can pump out but I can also see some people getting tired of them. The newest addition to the series though is Batman and this might be one of the better ones if you are a fan of the character and the world surrounding him


Review - Overcooked


Cooking! Who doesn't love cooking? Am I right?? Wait where are you going? OK fine! It is a game, a really funny game, and it has coop in it. Good, you are back. Alright listen, Overcooked is a great coop game but not as good of a single player game and here is why


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