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Knights Chronicle Launches Worldwide

Created on Saturday, 16 June 2018


Choose Your Hero and Protect the Planet of Garniel in Netmarble’s Brand-New Turn-Based RPG




Featuring classic turn-based role-playing gameplay, a beautiful Japanese animation-inspired art style and a compelling story showing the same standard of quality as console and PC RPGs, Knights Chronicle follows the story of Lena, a creation of the goddess Lady Garnie, the mysterious young man Theo and his friends as they fight to protect the planet of Garniel, a place of magic and Spirits.

With features like real-time party play, where players can form parties of up to five players to challenge multiplayer dungeons, explosive 3D-animated skills demonstrating the game’s flashy and gorgeously-detailed visuals, and with over 100 heroes for players to choose from, Knights Chronicle offers a true console-quality role-playing game experience in the palm of players’ hands.

“We’re excited to bring a full-fledged mobile RPG experience to gamers during E3, one of the industry’s biggest events of the year,” said Young Jae Park, Netmarble’s Division Director. “We hope players will enjoy playing Knights Chronicle, our love letter to Japanese animation-inspired visuals, gameplay and battles and one of the most immersive and beautiful games available on mobile devices today.”

Netmarble recently announced that Knights Chronicle surpassed over 1.3 million pre-registered players before launch. Players who have signed up will receive in-game items like SSR rated 6-star Rebecca, a member of the White Knights, 1 million gold, and 200 crystals

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