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Welcome to The Gamers Paradise


The Gamers Paradise was established on September 2011, since it's humble beginning we have managed to grab ahold of every publisher and developer out there so that we not only can bring you the latest game related news but also all the latest reviews. We hope you will keep coming back to us as we update the site 24/7 and also that you follow us on twitter @tgamersparadise if you would like to ask us something or just get the latest news directly as it goes live.


Enjoy your stay and remember the foundation of gaming is always to have fun.


Indie Developer? If you are an indie developer with a game in development or a game currently finish that you want us to take a look at please do not hesitate to contact us as we would love to check it out and write about it.


Mail us at:

TGP (at) thegamersparadise (dot) com


The Gamers Paradise

- in love with games since '86

2011 About TGP - The Gamers Paradise. Your Number One Stop For Game Related News & Reviews
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